Just curious: has anyone had issues w/ Windows 8 and SSD installation?

I have had tremendous issues installing Windows 8 on two different SSD's.
I have the following SSD's:
Samsung 250GB 840 EVO SanDisk 256GB Ultra Plus

In the last week I spent over 40 hours installing and reinstalling my OS's trying to get a good installation of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro on my two SSD's. It was only after some trickery and file manipulation on two different computers that I was able to get good installations.
Speaking with Tech Support at SanDisk and Samsung only served to confirm for me that the issues were with the Windows 8 OS and not my drives.
I did speak with a Microsoft Tech Support person that sent me a .iso link that he claimed I could install from CD prior to the OS install, and this would eliminate the issue. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it will happen sooner than later.
BTW, after the install my Windows Experience Index score is 8.1!

I would really like to know if others have had similar issues.
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    I've had zero issues installing Win 8 to an SSD.
    Sandisk and Kingston SSD's. Worked just like any other drive.
  2. hmmmm...I haven't had any issues at all. What is this "trickery and file manipulation" you speak of?
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