My PC isn't starting up. I got a new motherboard and processor and now my PC will not even go into BIOS, nor do I have any dis

SPECS: GTX 770, i5 4670k, ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO, 8gb ram, corsair 650w PSU.
OLD SPECS: GTX 770, AMD FX 8320, Asrock 990fx extreme 3, 8gb RAM, corsair 650w PSU.
My PC would start up when I had the asrock MOBO and fx cpu, but my mobo wouldn't support 125w CPUS, so for some strange reason, instead of buying a new mobo for like $100, I went to frys and bought an ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO, and an intel core i5 4670k.
Everything worked fine, I got into the BIOS and into my system, all my games were installed, I was happy. But the next day when I booted up my system, it woulnt start up. The MOBO display said "00 " which means "Not used" whats not used? What does this mean?
I took apart my system and put it all back together, and it works again. The next day I booted up my system and it did the exact same thing, I didn't really have the time to rebuild it, so I just let it be for a day (I turned it off of course) That night, I didn't turn it on, but I put it in sleep mode, instead of turning it off.
Same thing happened, it didn't boot up. I waited a day and it turned on. I decided it would be best to just leave it on, not turning it off or putting it in sleep mode. It was on for a whole week before I decided to turn it off, my new fan that I ordered had came in, so I wanted to install it.
So here I am without a working pc and I desperately need it to work, please help, its like no matter what steps I take to fix my pc there's another problem immediately afterwards.
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  2. Moving a Windows install between architectures is not advisable. It can cause some strange results, especially when you combine it with a sleep mode. You will likely have to first completely power cycle the machine (take the power cord out and let the power supply dissipate any residual power before plugging it back in) and then reinstall Windows. You may or may not be able to just install over the previous install and keep your programs. It may still have some strange things happen because of differing instruction sets. The x86-64 instructions used by Intel don't quite match up with the AMD version, and many things will have unpredictable results.

    First, I would advise powering up the old motherboard with the hard drive and video card attached, then use the Windows Easy Transfer program to put your files and programs on a USB drive. Once that is done, wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows from scratch connected to the new motherboard. Then you can use the Easy Transfer program to move your data back onto your hard drive.

    oops, forgot to link the Easy Transfer instructions:
  3. Posting shouldn't be dependent on the OS. I gather at one time or more your PC not only posted but also loaded Windows.
    So does it post with no OS ssd or hdd? It should. Have you set the bios in the new mobo with reqards to what is the boot/OS drive? Have you got a post buzzer installed?
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