AMD FX-8320 vs. Intel i5-3570k

I have the AMD FX-8320 on my pc build and everyone keeps telling me i should get an intel i5-3570k instead of the AMD, but when i look up tests it seems that the results are about the same, could you tell me if the intel processor is worth the extra money?
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  1. What games do you play? This should be the major determining factor when deciding on your CPU.

    The i5-3570k has stronger single cores, and thusly outperforms the 8320 in certain games.
  2. Minecraft, and i would record too
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    An 8320 for minecraft? Overkill. I wonder why you are going for a dead socket like 1155 for Intel though. I would say stick to a medium (under $1000) budget and go with AMD on this one. I don't think Minecraft or recording it is all that demanding. Medium range stuff should suffice.
  4. If my memory serves me correctly, Minecraft is CPU heavy, meaning that you'd get better performance from the Intel CPU.

    But seeing as you already have the 8320, I wouldn't switch to Intel unless you have extra money laying around that you don't mind using.
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