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Hello, I have 16gb (4x4) of ram and I need to know the speeds of them in cpu-z it says my dram frequency is 665mhz im pretty sure its between 1600 and 1866 but want to be very sure. ty any help <3
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    CPU-Z shows the frequency as 665, but the data rate is doubled, so you should actually be running your RAM at ~1330 MHz. You will have to manually adjust the BIOS settings to get your RAM to run at their optimal performance specs.
  2. They say it is half of the actual speed. I assume that your memory sticks are 1300.
  3. In CPU-Z look at the SPD tab, that will give you the model # of the DRAM - if it's 1600 or faster sticks and you have an Intel system can enable XMP and select profile 1, else if AMD look in the BIOS for DOCP, EOCP, or XMP, enable it and selt the freq of your DRAM, any troubles, give a shout with DRAM model #, CPU and mobo models
  4. Thanks for the help <3
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