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Hi, I have basically zero technology knowledge so if I don't provide enough info let me know. I have a sony vaio laptop that comes with a intel (R) hd graphics 4000 graphics card. when I got this pci had also paid extra money, so it came with a AMD Radeon 7600M series card installed. I recently ran a benchmark program to determine my graphics capability, and it ran using the intel. I tried disabling the intel card but it reverts back to basic graphics or something like that. I would really appreciate any help you could give me.
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    You should connect your VGA cord to the graphics card.
  2. first off, thanks for answering. secondly, I don't know what that is and the card is internal so nothing to connect too?
  3. VGA Cord is the blue thing connected to your monitor the card is internal yes but it should have a port at the back of the CPU.

    Your VGA Cord is connected right now to your motherboard try connecting it to the graphics card VGA port.
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