AMD Graphics card not detected and driver issue

Windows isn't recognising my graphics card.
I've tried uninstalling old graphics drivers and reinstalling the new ones. Also tried installing manually through the device manager and when I get to the .inf file my actual model card isn't listed in there (r9 270)

OS: windows 32 bit
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  1. Have you set the PCIe as default on BIOS?
  2. Yeah, I thought it was a bit odd there's specific drivers for 'r9 260' and 'r9 290' but not r9 270. I've been told to just install the 'r9 200 series'?
  3. Is the monitor hooked to the card?
  4. Yeah via hdmi. I've manage to install the 'r9 200 series driver' from the .inf file and it works ok at a glance, however I just think it's odd there's other r9 200 series models listed (eg r9 290 is there) but not the r9 270
  5. What happens when you run the AMD installer?
  6. I think it may have installed but not sure it's been done correctly? When I run Cpu-z to detect the software it only lists the graphics card name and everything else is empty (clock speeds, memory) is that normal?
    It says 'you have the latest driver for your system'
    Then I get the AMD auto detect tool open with Graphics Hardware :0x1002-0x6811 PCIE.
    Sorry am new to this don't know if I'm being helpful in explaining.
  7. CPU-Z doesn't work right for showing modern GPUs. Try GPU-Z
  8. Thanks. Gpu-z is detecting everything as it should. Is there anyway i can stress test my gpu? (i dont have any games installed yet)
  9. Unigine valley/heaven bench
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