How to delete an Album from IPad uploaded from old Itunes

I have an Ipad from 2012 (Ipad 3? not sure) that I gave to my brother. I uploaded some pictures from my MacBook to this Ipad...which means, I didn't take those pictures with it, the folder on the Ipad is called My Pictures.

Well, the IPad doesn't give me any option to delete it and even when I plug it on my MacBook I don't know how to delete it. Even when I plug it on my Windows computer and I browse it like a regular HD, it just shows the folder of the pictures that my brother took with the IPad, not the ones I uploaded.

How the hell do I delete the My Pictures folder pictures?
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  1. Are all the pics the same format?
  2. I haven't checked but the pictures were taken by a previous IPhone I had years ago so i take it they are Jpeg as well
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