FX 8320 4.7 Heat Question

Im right now im sitting stable at 4.6 and im stable at 4.7 but at 68c my question is since im running in prime 95 and its stressing to the max and il never see those real temps is it ok my socket temp never hits 55c fan on the back of the case.
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  1. I would say you are at your limit if you are hitting those temps. Also, how long are you running prime95 to determine you are stable?
  2. right now 2hrs in after i did a 2hr test in intel burn also and i kind know these chip for overclocking this one is just a little hotter then the other i overclocked testing prime95 useing 80% off ram also during test, im air cooled right now at 1.46v so after i do my water loop i should be able to hit 5ghz
  3. Yeah, I would be perfectly happy with those temperatures. Just make sure you don't get near them with normal use.
  4. Sounds like you are set. Good luck with hitting 5ghz.
  5. sounds good il let it test overnight and check it in the morning
  6. zachparr2442 said:
    sounds good il let it test overnight and check it in the morning

    You're going to let the CPU run at 65C+ overnight? I don't think the added stress is necessary/a good idea.
  7. I agree, if you already tested it for 2hours and it ran stable, there is no need to put it through any more punishment.
  8. yah i quit testing it, i actual decided to go to 4.6 at 1.44 volts temps are 50c max 4hr run, il save money and done a custom water loop and try to hit 5ghz later i want my max temp to be like 62C no higher really
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