Ram only works with one stick installed or two different sticks installed

My parents had an old emachines t5254 in their closet so i took it home to use just for web browsing when i discovered the power supply and motherboard were toast. I got a PS from a friend and bought a GeFORCE6100SM-M motherboard with Dual Channel DDR2 800 memory for cheap and threw it all together. Then i hit my problem, the two sticks of ram (2x 1gb) from the old mb wouldn't work together on the new one. Only one stick would work at a time. So i bought a 4gb set (2x2gb) thinking a newer set would work and nope it still only worked with one stick. The weird thing is, I installed one of the new 2gb sticks and one of the old 1gb sticks and it works just fine like that. If anyone has any clue as to why it's like that and can help i would deeply appreciate it!
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  1. have you updated the BIOS?Tthe manufacturer website says it was not tested above 4 gb RAM. a BIOS issue may be your problem. use one stick of RAM and update the BIOS if not allready done or currently the most current revesion. beyond that i do no know what else could be the problem.
  2. Are you sure the speed and timings of the 2 RAM chips are correct? They are matching speeds and timings? I"m not just talking 800Mhz either. I'm talking the actual latency timings CL 4-5-8, etc.
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