Getting serious fps drops in metro last light

Hi everyone,
Okay so I bought metro last light and started playing on high settings and in the opening scenes I was getting 60 fps across the board everything was smooth and pretty. Then when you get to the base on the very beginning still I had a horrible fps drop it went all the way down to 10! Like nothing:( I know it's more of a cpu demanding game but I have a i7 4770k d I that shouldn't be an issue. I even turned everything down to low and everything off and still get 10. I play titan fall on high with 60 s nd absolutely no problems. Day z I play on high and sometimes that drops for a bout 3 seconds then comes back up to 58. I just wanna know how that game is like almost unplayable when the rest work fine. For some reason am I just getting a bottle neck out of no where? I did a virus scan and had nothing and all of my drivers are up to date.
Thanh for all advice!

My specs:
I7 4770k
Gigabyte 3udh z87
Corsair 600 w
Msi gtx 660 oc
8 gb corsair vengeance
Windows 8.1 64 bit
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    It's a very GPU heavy game actually,
    Do you have SSAA turned on anything past auto or 1x? Because that is real GPU killer, at 4x SSAA it's essentially rendering each frame at 4k resolution if you're playing at 1080p. Not even a titan can run it smoothly at 60fps with 4x SSAA.
  2. Ill have to see if that's it. And I said cpu demanding only because when I watched cpu reviews they would put it with this game bc it uses more of the cpu then other games. Just what I saw don't actually know lol
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