Monitor's pre-calibration, but calibrated to what?

When manufacturers state that their monitors are calibrated out of the box, what are they calibrated to??

Are they calibrated to match process printing (CMYK) are they calibrated for your home printer? calibrated for RGB if you do website design. What are they calibrated to? Pls pls advise.
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  1. Calibrated to 6500K, Gamma 2.2 usually.

    They take input and output in RGB. Any colour space conversion has to be done in the software package (e.g. photoshop) you're using.
  2. for a layman that's difficult to understand, could you clarify please?

    "Calibrated to 6500K, Gamma 2.2" ....compares to what output?
  3. It means that the colour temperature of white is 6500K - near daylight. And gamma is the non-linearity in the brightness.

    Basically, it's calibrated to be standard.
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