Building a New PC: Is this good?

I want to build my first PC, but I have no idea if the components I picked work with each other. Also, what does, "Some AMD 970 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Vishera CPUs" mean?


I would appreciate recommendation of components that are better, but are similarly priced to the ones I picked.
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    It is good apart from the motherboard which has problems with 8core CPU's, I would change that to either Asus or Gigabyte which are the cheapest 970 chipset boards that really can handle 8 core.
  2. The components you have work fine with each other.
    The error you got just means after making the computer, you'll have to get the latest bios file for your processor from AMD's website and put it onto a pen drive. Then you can either boot from the pen drive with only the bios file, or if you can go into windows, open it from there.
  3. All 970 boards shipped from manufacturers after Vishera release have compatible BIOS so chances of getting one today that does not have one more than a year later is very slim.
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