Does my CPU support GTX 760?

I am currently using a ES Xeon CPU with the Gigabyte X79-UD3(bios:F20a).
As to replace my old GTX 260, I bought GTX 760 OC 4GB(also Gigabyte).
But seems it can not be recognized by the computer.

So, is the problem cause by the ES Xeon CPU or just improper settings?
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    Your using cpu Z.
    What does it say when you click on the graphics tab of cpu Z ?.
    It should list the Type of graphics card.


    Model range
    And clock speeds.

    If not uninstall all the old video card drivers from windows.

    And re install the new video driver provided with the new card.

    Or the problem Lies with an old version of Cpu z.
    Install a more new version to properly detect a new cpu or graphics card correctly.

    I think 1.69 is the current newest version though.
  2. Shaun have give a good answer.

    If you would a problem with your video card, it would not be related to your CPU in this kind of situation.

    Have you mounted your video card deep down in its place in PCI express slot and locked with some kind of lock? Did you remember to connect those power connectors from your PSU to video card? Is it in the correct PCIe slot as a single video card on your mainboard? I suppose you only have one video card ATM.
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