ASUS Z87-C won't power up out of the box

Needed to upgrade and quickly picked out an ASUS Z87-C, an Intel Core i3-4130 Haswell and some Mushkin Blackline 16GB (997110) memory. After loading it up, the stand by LED lit up, but it wouldn't post. There's a slight beep sound when I hit the power button, then nothing. I tried all my connections and reseated my memory. No luck. Called ASUS support and we reset the CMOS, no luck. She suggested an RMA, but she also mentioned the compatibility list on the site. I realized that my Mushkin RAM wasn't on the list, so I went to Newegg and bought some Corsair RAM that is. It's on the way, but at least wanted to throw this out there to see if you guys have any thoughts on this. I'm a former enthusiast, but now just looking for something simple to get me productive this weekend! Thanks.,,
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  1. 1 short beep, DRAM refresh failure.
  2. ModernWarfare said:
    1 short beep, DRAM refresh failure.

    Beep is a strong word... it was more of a minor blip/click... a small sign of life. Not significant enough to represent a beep code for an error.
  3. have you tried only 8gb/4gb.
  4. ModernWarfare said:
    have you tried only 8gb/4gb.

    I tried just the 8 GB... I don't have a 4 GB DIMM. No luck. Have you seen this RAM Compatibility be an issue before? All of the other machines I've built just had some general parameters that you had to hit, but that was a while ago. Seems to be more specific now.
  5. questions.

    is the 8pin cpu connector connected?,is the Atx power connector plugged in correctly?,what psu do you have?
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    Or try Taking the two connections off the motherboard power on pins and briefly short the pins with a small metal object (like a screwdriver) to test your case switch and wiring.

    You can also test your PSU by using a paper clip and shorting pins 16 and 17 (a green wire to a black wire -- don't mess with the red or yellow wires!). The green is the power on wire and black is ground -- if it is okay the PSU will turn on normally.
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