can a dual core processor run 4gb graphic card

Please help. I have asrock g31- m motherboard with dual core processor and 4gb ram. I want to buy a 4gb graphic card for better performance gaming.
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  1. Hi Ram 3042 , you should have no problems
  2. ram should be upgraded to 8gb and and the processor will bottleneck the latest cards 660 and above
  3. A 4gb vid card isnt going to perform like you want it to with that setup. Anything more powerful than a 7750 is going to bottleneck and even that may too. VRAM on a vid card only matters if you have the hardware to run it and it isnt a crap video card like a 630 or 640 or something like that.
  4. You do not need that much vram if you are gaming even at 1080p if you do not belive me search google how much vram i need. 1 gb vram is more than enough save that money and buy a better gpu with less vram . cpu bottle neck starts at mid - high end gpu.
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    STACKS ON DECK said:
    ram should be upgraded to 8gb and and the processor will bottleneck the latest cards 660 and above

    Absolutely right, a dual-core processor will bottleneck a 4GB GPU. Performance of a GPU is relative to the clock speed (and more recently, cores) of your processor. Having a dual-core or slow quad-core won't allow the GPU to perform at its best.

    More GPU RAM doesn't mean it will perform better. GPU RAM is used primarily for post-process rendering, such as anti-aisling, or for gaming across multiple monitors. 2GB is more than sufficient for the vast majority of games on the market. The performance of a GPU is measured in RAM, bus speed, clock speed, stream processors and a host of other things.

    In summary, yes a 4GB GPU will work just fine, but unless you upgrade to a fast quad-core processor and 8GB RAM, you won't see the card's full potential. It's far more important to have a balanced build for gaming, rather than buying a single exceptional component.
  6. Very few games need more than 2 GBs of VRAM, and that's at super high res. The speed of the GPU and the VRAM is much more important.

    Other than that, the CPU should be fine, because extremely few games use more than 2 cores.
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