Laptop keyboard can't type some letter

I have a problem in my laptop(actually, MANY of them). I can't type some letters in my keyboard. Like D, backspace, ; ,0, / , ETC. Sometimes i have to press it really hard until it types. I fixed it by punching my laptop's bottom, it usually fixes it. But for some time. After one hour, my laptop's can't type those letters again. Help?
Hope to see some good news!
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  1. You can find cheap keyboards for your laptop on eBay if mgilbert's advice w/ the connection doesn't work. I've seen them for around $20.
  2. This worked, I had a keyboard that didnt let me use the q w and z buttons. I found it strange that it was all on one side. I took the wire from the keyboard and routed it around the left side of my desk tightly. It worked, maybe it was the loose connection.
    Thx you, mgilbert! :)
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