Should I buy i5 or full hd led monitor for gaming ?

i have
intel dg41cn motherboard
3gb ddr2 ram
gtx 650 ti 1gb
seasonic ss400bt
1xavermedia internal tv tuner card
1xcd-dvd-rw drive
2x80gb+500gb hard drive
monitor : dell 1707fpt 9 years old
link :

when gaming i have to arch forward to look things carefully because of small screen
also my eyes feel uneasy by focusing and playing on small screen

should i buy new full hd led monitor 21.5 inch led
or i5 for better gaming experience and frame rates ?
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  1. What do you prefer? Same current performance with bigger screen or slightly better performance with small screen? It's your own preference.
    BTW, you won't be able to upgrade to i5 just by swapping CPUs.. You'll have to upgrade almost the whole system..
  2. In this case, I would actually go with the monitor. Yours runs at 1280x1024, not a hard resolution for newer graphics cards. You won't see a huge jump in performance with a more expensive GPU.
  3. Best answer
    If you have to arch forward to play, buying a new monitor would be a better option.
    Socket 775 CPUs are kind obsolete in my opinion.
  4. The E5700 is a LGA 775 CPU. The earliest i5 is LGA 1156 and the latest is LGA 1150. You're going to need a new motherboard and ram with that i5, which is going to set you back at least $250, but most likely more.
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