Gtx 780 or gtx 690

For skyrim which one should I get
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  1. Get GTX 780 TI.. It's the fastest and costs 699$.. faster than both and cheaper than a GTX 690.
  2. Definitely gtx 780 ti
    Cheaper and the fastest single graphic card
    and sli later if u want
  3. For Skyrim that is leaps and bounds above what you need. Get the 780 though if you are just wanting to get one.
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    Don't get a 780TI.. Waste of money for the same architecture as a GTX780, just higher clock speed. Please save the $200, get a 780, or even the.
    OC version. I myself have that card by Gigabyte and it's unreal, especially with the Windforce custom fan setup. Just my view, enjoy your new card!
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