Why are Mac's thought to be better than PC's

I don't want any fanboy stuff or fights here. I just want facts. I'm going to college for application support and i'm looking for a computer. Price doesnt matter here, I just want simple facts as to why Mac's are thought to be better than PC's.
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  1. One are better than the other for different reasons. Power and bang for buck PC will win while MACs usually have better build quality. When you get down into the software and coding, you gotta look at what you're going to be dealing with for which system is the better platform for you.

    Plus there is a huge premium just for the name with apple.
  2. Three major reasons:
    1. Generally, Macs are more stable in terms of remaining crash free. They also enjoy considerably better battery life than their Windows equals.
    2. Viruses do exist for Mac, but they are far harder to get and therefore much less of a problem.
    3. Macs do have rock-solid build quality, along with a very high resolution screen.

    Make sure to evaluate the software you need - while you can run Windows on Mac using a native solution, it's not really the easiest thing to be done. It's easy enough, mind you. Make sure your applications are compatible with the Mac, or it might be somewhat wasted money.
  3. A Mac isn't better than a PC. It is a PC. The hardware, motherboard, video, memory, CPU, hard drives are all PC components you find in pretty much in any other comparable PC running Windows. What Mac's sell people is a closed operating system and hardware specifications that are customized to be also closed for the most part so people can't modify them. This helps Mac focus on just making a narrow range of models that are tightly controlled so this means they can keep the hardware as stable as possible by only using a very limited range of components that work best with the OS. They also like to use higher quality materials but for all this the user pays a premium price. A PC enthusiast will quickly recognized that a closed system is not a good environment so these kind of power users will usually choose a PC over a PC/Mac. A casual user, doesn't know or understand the difference and will likely get swayed by advertising and go with a PC/Mac.
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    Higher build quality
    Less viruses written to attach Macs.

    Heavy premium for the laptop and everything for it because the logo on the top.
    Expensive repairs
    You will most likely need to run prallels to run windows on it anyways.

    If you like the Mac and have iOS devices then get the mac, if you just want a good pc then get a high end lenovo or ASUS with an i7 processor.
  5. It really comes down to what you need, program wise. If you have to use a Mac specific program for your major, then it really isn't a choice.

    Beyond that, for me at least, PCs are the way to go. The price differences between the two are outrageous sometimes and build quality isn't that huge of an issue, depending on your PC brand. I've had an Asus laptop that I've carried around everyday for something like 3-4 years and never had an issue. I paid something like $750 for it and to get a Mac that was as powerful as it at the time would've cost me almost $2k.

    As for virus vulnerability, i use a combination of three programs (Malwarebytes, Avira, Spybot) and have never had an issue on my home desktop. And trust me, I'm a huge down loader of torrents from piratebay and the like.

    At the end of the day, its up to you. Do your homework and research so you can make the best educated decision based on your specific needs.
  6. They aren't any 'better' from a technical standpoint. The hardware is the same and the OS is Linux based. Neither is 'new' or 'better'.

    The simple truth is Apple's service and the resulting customer experience is outstanding. This makes a powerful and lasting first impression with new buyers and also keeps them as long-term buyers when the positive service experience is consistently extended over time and multiple interactions.

    For people who rely heavily on their vendor of choice, Apple sets the bar in this area. And they have a track record of success in this area.

    People like myself who are self-reliant don't really benefit from this, so we tend to be more flexible and heterogenious, basing our technology choices on different (* again not necessarily 'better' or 'worse' ... just different) criteria.
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