Upgrading Desktop GPU,Ram, and adding wireless. fix problem?

Hello everyone!

FIRST POST!!! W))TSDSSFSDFdsfsf... Anyways

I built a computer a while back (4 years ago) With the following specs:
AMD Phenom xII 965 Black edition (3.4ghz)
Biostar ta890fxe mobo
4gb (2x2g) Team Elite ram
2x Velociraptor 150gb hdd (Raid 0)
MSI GTX 460 Hawk edition (Twin Frozr II)
1x western digital green 500gb (dump drive)
750watt CoolerMaster GX series
Antec DarkFleet DF-85 case (love this case....)

So this was a great setup untill one day BAM! It wont turn on. It just wont. So I fiddle faddle and eventually the only way I could get it to turn on and run was to remove a single Ram. Consesnsus was that the ram was faulty... I dont know....

Anyway I recently decided to raise the Hades (my computer) up from the shadows. So... I went to ebay and got stuff from newegg etc.

So I got the following:

- EVGA GTX 670 FTW 2gb
- G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) De
- NETIS WF-2113 PCI Express Wireless-N Adapter (I stay in a dorm currently so wireless is a must)

The problems before included random bluescreens etc untill I removed the single ram. My question is, do you think I made an effective upgrade? Will this last in the long run?

Also what other suggestions do you have? Best operating system to run with this setup?

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  1. Best answer
    Assuming everything is running fine, the 670 is a good upgrade from the 460.

    And any OS will work. For gaming, the 'best' would be Windows 8.
  2. Why windows 8? I was considering windows 7 ultimate honestly :P

    Also might upgrade to a SSD ( Intel S3500 DC 120gb)
    I think my raptor Raid 0 setup is failing so yeah... sighs...

    Any thoughts?
  3. Why Ultimate? Are you planning on running 128GB of RAM? That's really the only upside lol There's no gaming benefit to it.

    Windows 8 has less overhead, and has been proven to run games better than 7 for the most part. Especially the newer, more intensive games.

    And yeah, if you feel like your RAID setup is starting to fail, backup and get an SSD lol 240GB is the sweet spot, though I'm perfectly happy with my 128.
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