Surfboard modem not registering gigabit router

I have a Motorola Docis 3 gigabit Surfboard cable modem. and an asus rt-n56Ugigabit router. According to the documentation there is a light on the front of the modem (looks kind of like a lightning bolt) that should light up blue when there is a gigabit connection and orange when there is not. I'm not able to get it to register the blue gigabit connection. I'm curious if there is some sort of setting I'm missing to enable gigabit speeds?
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  1. How long have you had this combination? Can you get to the internet like it is now? You can try a different cable between the 2. Gigabit uses all 4 pairs in a wire where 100Mbit does not. So a cable with a bad wire or pair may work with 100Mbit where it would not with Gigabit.
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