2x hd 7870's crossfire vs 1 hd 7970

Hey everybody,

So, first off, I've just purchased the components to build my new pc, which i'll be doing tomorrow. Here's my new rig:

Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P AM3+ AMD 970

cpu: amd fx 6300

Gpu: hd 7870

Psu: evga 500w

What I wanna know is, in the very near future, what would be the better gpu upgrade, another 7870 running crossfire, or 1 7970? Now, on a lot of the forums I've looked at regarding this topic, most everyone says "for the price, go with the one better card over 2 of the lower cards and then get another 7970 later instead." That's all fine and dandy, however, i don't care what it costs for 2 7870s as opposed to 1 7970, because I already own 1 of the 7870s. So, all prices aside, what is the better upgrade performance wise? Obviously I will need another psu as well to power the 2 cards, so basically for less than 300 bucks, i can get a power supply hefty enough for crossfire and pick up another 7870. The prices i'm seeing on the 7970 are upwards of $400 and for all i know, I may still need a better psu for that particular card. Anyway what do you guys think?

Thanks in advance
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  1. 2 7870s in crossfire should walk all over one 7970 performance wise but there are other issues like lag frame pacing, and driver compatibility issues with multi card setups. 1 card is better simply because it's less of a headache but 2 cards is definately faster
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    Go Crossfire.
    Truth be told the HD7870 isn't THAT far behind the 7970 and should be capable of playing everything out there smoothly on a single 1080 monitor at high or even ultra settings depending on game.
    Anyway, what do you call 'very near future'? A couple of months is a long time in the hyper fast moving world of PC tech.
    And BTW, AFAIK the R9 270/270X will CF with the 7870.
  3. lol, actually, i was thinking near future being closer to the end of this year. I know a lot will change by then but I'm on a strict budget. I've gotten by for a few years now just on a phenom 820 and an hd 7770, until just a couple of months ago when i picked up the 7870, which is basically what drags my current pc through the trenches. I'm hoping that the pc i build tomorrow will actually allow me to get more out of the 7870, and then going crossfire seems to me like it'll keep me happy for a while. I'm one of those guys that thrives on all the out dated stuff because a cant afford to keep up with technology anymore these days. I'm working to pay the bills and feed the fam so, I'll take what ever i can get and be happy. hell, i already run most games damn near maxed out, but then again, im also happy with 30 fps lol. i'd say games like arma and dayz are the only ones that give my current rig any trouble. hopefully tomorrow's build will be even better. thanks for the response.
  4. How much would you pay for the 7970? If it's $350 like most of them, a 2GB GTX 770 would be a significant performance increase for the same price.
    Of course, as others have said, 2x 7870s would be fastest, but also most prone to other problems.

    I'm also surprised you're upgrading so soon, if you're content with 30 fps. I'd think a single 7870 would be able to handle anything at that framerate. A single 7870 at 30 fps is the same as two 7870s crossfired at 60 fps.
  5. TBH that's actually a nicely balanced build and, as you say it's got quite a bit of power available, besides Arma is hard on the CPU (you systems only, minor weakness) and DayZ is still pre release, everyone is still finding issues with it.
    As for later this year, post again when the time is closer...You're talking AGES before the upgrade. ;)
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