Windows not detecting ssd as boot drive, boots from storage drive.

my computer has a total of three drives in it. one solid state, and two hdds, my old configuration had a hdd as my boot drive. now i switched over to my ssd and windows tries to boot from my old hdd most of the time. when i enter bios there is only one drive available in boot order which is my old hdd.
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  1. Hi there,
    Could you please provide me with your motherboard specs.
    But by the looks of it, it could be you haven't got the drives in the right order.
    Also have you installed the Operating System onto SSD and not the hard drive?
  2. my mother board is an asus LGA 115 P8z77 v lx.
    The old drive had windows on it before but i did install windows on the new ssd and formatted the old hdd. In BIOS however it only detects the old hdd that i used as boot.

    EDIT: I did try to switch the SATA cable from the hdd an ssd but it yields the same results
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    First of all disconnect all drives apart from the SSD and see if it picks the drive up then.
    If that fails then you motherboard should have a "CLEAR CMOS" button at the back of the computer, its a very small button so I would use a pen or something and hold that down whilst the pc is on and that will reset your bios.
  4. clearing cmos, solved it. thanks! this problems been bugging me for awhile
  5. No problem, glad I could help
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