built a pc a year ago and used 128 gb SSD for OS and storage, just bought a 1 TB HDD and want to switch to ACHI mode

I built a pc a while ago and have been using a Samsung 128 SSD for my OS and storage. I just got a 1TB WD HDD and windows 8.1 and want to switch my SSD to ACHI mode before I format and do a clean install. I am just wondering if i can just switch it in the BIOS then boot up my windows 8.1 install to wipe the drive. I am worried about running into trouble or a BSOD. thank you!
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    All you need to do is:
    1) Insert Win Install disk
    2) Boot to Windows install
    3) select Custom install
    4) On page asking where to install, select advanced and DELETE all partitions on the SSD.
    5) Reboot and go to bios and change Mode to AHCI, save and reboot to Windows install.
    6) Install window

    PS: Your SSD should have been using AHCI - Should not use IDE. If you had selected SATA (NOT RAID) and chip[set was intel then You may have been using Intels version of ahci. Easy to verify, download AS SSD install and run (DONOT need to run Benchmark), just look at upper left and see what driver it is using. If IDE it will also show "BAD"
    Disregaurd PS if AMD - not sure what "AMD" driver should be.
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