help pc wont boot up

hi all I built a pc about a year and a half ago and all was well till last night. I wasatching a video and heard a strange static noise from speakers and noticed the pc froze up. I tried alt ctr del but nothing so I had no choice but to hit restart button. it started up and went into the option screen to start windows regular or safemode. I hit start regular and it started to boot but then shut down. tried again samething. tried again now it tries to start up and shuts down and just keeps doing this . I thought it might be the power supply but it does try to start and red power light turns on.
I have a i5 windows 7 motherboard asrock z77 pr0 3 with 8 gigs of ram antec vp450 power supply
please I need help asap I don't know what happen ty.....
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  1. wow cant believe no one answered this .... ok well I figured it out ..for some reason it was the ram I had 8 gigs took out 4 and it started up go figure
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