Move Windows 8.1 from 4xSSD RAID0 to 4xSSD RAID10?

Hey all,

So my system is running Windows 8.1, spanned on 4xSSD's (840Pro) in RAID0 as a "proof-of-concept" build that I was using to benchmark my hardware. Additionally, I have another 4xSSD's (Plextor M5Pro) in RIAD0 as the non-system volume that I was using for volatile, high-availability data. Unfortunately, after some time I became complacent and started using this system as my everyday workstation, and now I have spent TONS of time in configuration that I don't want to lose by installing fresh. Yeah, OK, in retrospect this is probably a bad idea, but now I need some fault tolerance in this rig. :)

The controller is a PERC h310 and motherboard is ASRock Fatal1ty Professional-M (UEFI). I want to create a RAID10 volume using the 4xPlextor M5Pro's, and somehow migrate Windows 8.1 over to that volume, freeing up the 4x840Pro's for another project. Hopefully this should be a bit easier since it's all on the same controller, but we'll see.

Any thoughts?
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  1. I dont think the h310 supports migrating fron a raid0 to a raid10 natively.
    it's as easy as cloning/restoring the raid0 over to the raid 10 though. Just be sure to shrink the size of the raid0 partition to make sure it fits in the raid10
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