GTX 460 768 in SLI or GTX 660

First paragraph is only back story in the event my the community thinks my troubles might hold some leverage. Feel free to skip it if you want.

I recently developed a problem where I couldn't use my PC is it was right side up. I diagnosed the problem down to BOTH my GTX 460s. MSI was satisfied with my troubleshooting and allowed me to replace my cards one at a time since I could still get some functionality if my PC was on its side. I was originally offered a 650 for the first 460, but when I explained that I used SLI and the 650 does not support it, the tech agreed with me then promptly stopped responding for 2 weeks. I picked up discussions again and was told that my warranty had expired now (by 2 days) and nothing further would happen. I told them this was not kosher since they'd had my card in hand for very nearly 6 weeks and it had been nearly a month since the first tech asked to replace the card.

Now, they have replied offering me one GTX 660 in exchange for both of my 460s. I have done some digging on my own and it seems that the single card might be a slight downgrade according to some forums and I also found this website that attempts to compare video card setups. It gives 2 categories to the GTX 460 SLI and 2 to the 660.

I'm wondering you guys' opinion on if this is a side or upgrade and if you think asking for either a 660ti or a stock 760 would be acceptable from my position considering the waiting game and then telling me I would get nothing.

Thanks much.
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    I would take it. Similar preformance with less heat and power consumption with a chance to upgrade to sli 660 in the future.
  2. Any idea if I'll see decreased performance in games with PhysX?
  3. a gtx 660 will perform better than 460sli in most if not all games if that is your main concern
  4. that being said you ciuld always ask if they would have a 660ti laying around...just in case and see what is their answer...but i would pick the 660 and try to find a cheap used 660 later on to sli them...
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