Motherboard RAM issue Random bsod

So computer keeps crashing (bsod) and the majority of the error messages are " memory managment " and " irql not less or equal "

so... my formated my hardrive and reinstalled windows.. same problem... iv tried 7 different ram sticks, same problem...

1 stick or 4 doesn't matter.

So... my guessing the ram side of my motherboard has died...

But it does sometimes work for bit, than randomly dies out.

it's working enough for me to post this, but well see how long that lasts...

Anyways, any got any thoughts am i on the right path? cause its been happening for a while.
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  1. Well modern CPU's have the memory controller on them so having tried this many sticks it is between the board or the CPU, unlikely that you have this many bad sticks.
  2. It's been working until now since my last post... Blasting music and doing my daily shit.

    sometimes it works all day... sometimes it wont. I just don't know.. computers aren't suppose to be so varying. There's no consistency..
  3. Make sure all your drivers are up to date, as well check BIOS update but first run memtest several passes if it fails try a BIOS update and try again.
  4. Memtest has been fine, i havn't had it gone on for hours, but it went through a couple passes and no problem.

    My motherboard is a m4a78t-e. Also i just formated and updated everything possible to the newest verison. I don't have anything else to update and there is only 3-5 programs downloaded.
  5. Then pretty much between CPU and board, more often the board in that case.
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    Well here's my solution.

    I think that should work just fine eh? Thought of who ever has these or looked into them.
  7. Yep great board but is best served with an overclockable CPU like the 4770K or even 4670K
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