Will this new PSU fit in my computer?

After After purchasing this new computer my plan was to upgrade to a 500 watt power supply:

So that I my PC could handle the Radeon R7 260X 2GB Graphics Card I've been planning to upgrade to from the GT 620.

My PC-

My question is if that power supply would fit into my case or not and if not what PSU that has a 500 wattage will?
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  1. what case do you have?????
  2. Make and model of computer please.
  3. babachicken said:
    what case do you have?????

    Anonymous said:
    Make and model of computer please.

    My PC: sorry about that I typed this in a hurry and forgot to to include the computer that I own like an idiot.
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    Yes it will fit.
  5. Yeah, it will fit no doubt.
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