Low FPS on alot of games when i should have a decent FPS

ok guys pls help me :D
my problem is that i have a notebook that's got quite good parts and i still get low fps on somegames when i cover the recomended requierments and twice as much i just don't get it so pls help.

my notebook specs are:

CPU: Intel Core I7 3630QM
GPU1: Intel HD Graphics 4000
GPU2: Nvidia GT 640M 2GB
Memory/RAM: 8 GB Kingston 1600 MHz
HDD: 1TB 5400 or 7200 RPM

i have the latest drivers and etc. but still i get like 15 FPS on Tomb Rider 2013 and 8-12 FPS on AC:Black Flag so pls help me guys :D
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  1. Looks to me you are right on with what it should be not knowing guessing your resolution your card is #133 on the list.
  2. well looking at the link it says on normal i should get 45FPS on low 60-70 but even on low i still had 15 fps actually it didn't matter what settings i used FPS allways stayed the same and my resolution is 1920X1080(native)
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    TR Ultra at 1080P 9.9FPS
    AC BF Ultra at 1080P 9.5FPS
    Unfortunately this the only similar comparison so try to duplicate their setting like try lowering your resolution as well as detail and compare the number at 1366x768 on normal setting.
  4. lol men ty so much lowering the resolution from 1920X1080 to just 1600X900 gave me 10-12 extra fps without loosing anything ty so much if you have any more solutions for me share them :D :)
  5. You are welcome but really reducing the resolution does more than in game settings since it means fewer pixels to process.
  6. Your GPU is the bottleneck. The FPS you're getting are normal for your setup. Sorry.
  7. ok guys i have one more qustion for you wich is: if my GPU at the momment is bottlenecking what kind of GPU should i get so i don't get bottlenecking neither from the CPU or the GPU cuz i'm thinking of changing the GPU and from the service center told me that my GPU can be changed so help pls :)
  8. Your CPU can support what ever is on the list in the link from notebookcheck!
  9. ok another qustion :D sorry for bothering you all but can i overclock my gpu and if i can should i do it if you need more info on the laptop for an answer to this question just let me know :D :) and ty all for the help so far :) i really appreciate it :)
  10. OC your GPU in a laptop is not recommended and the results would not be a game changer either.
  11. rly ?? why is that :D
  12. Mostly because of cooling design that usually is on the limit for laptops GPU's.
  13. but what about gaming performance ?? :D
  14. It will boost by a few percent but if you are getting 20fps 10% GPU OC will give you less than 2 FPS increase.
  15. Is ur PC using the Integrated HD 4000 or the GTX 640?

    I think that may be the culprit.
  16. uses usually the intel but it starts using the nvidia when in-game
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