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Hallo, I am completely confused with all the comments and reviews an advice on hdds I know sdd are the best but seriseriously still lacking in space I mean your steam vlient for example all games must be on the hdd you install steam right so plus os and programmes 256gig is not enough so I want to know which hdd is best for gaming some say wd black but its over priced for minimal gains with mass amount of noice and wd green is outa the question since its not made for that and wd blue is low end so how about a normal seagate 7200rpm 64mb cache sata 3 drive or toshiba ? Btw I have a asrock z87 extreme 3 mobo i5 4430. I just want general advice on a nice gaming drive help
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  1. An SSD (120 or 256GB) and a WD Blue.
    OS and applications go on the SSD, everything else on the HDD. Maybe one or two games on the SSD.

    Nothing else needed.
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    Well first of all you can download software which can move Steam games from a folder in your SSD to a different folder in your HDD by use of a shortcut. I have a 120gb SSD which I have Win7 on and a few games like BF4 etc etc, then any others that i'm not using i have on my WD blue 1tb HDD.

    WD Black is the best HDD on the market for speed. It's also a lot more expensive. Steam doesn't actually benefit from an SSD greatly in my own personal experience and I find leaving my Steam games on my HDD is perfectly fine and fast enough.

    With regarrds to which brand, Seagate did have some reliability issues in the past where as WD are known for reliability.
  3. I think it's largely irrelevant personally. You do realise that your HDD won't affect your FPS in all but very unusual boundary cases? It only make difference when you launch a game and when level are being loaded. Most multiplayer games usually have you waiting for someone on a 5yr old laptop before you can start, so it's only singleplayer that is affected too.
    Personally I have an SSD for my system drive and a game or two that I play often, but most my steam library is sitting on a WD Green (it was acquired, not what I'd purchase if I had the choice). Sure, maybe levels take a few extra seconds to load but I'm not that bothered.
    If I was buying one, I think the sweetspot is the WD Blue or the Seagate you listed, as long as it's 7200RPM I think that's about right. Like I said though, I'm not convinced it makes a massive difference.
  4. If you cannot afford a SSD a 7200RPM HDD will suffice. Seagate and Western Digital are really good brands, both are equally reliable however Seagate is a bit cheaper in price than WD.
  5. Thanks so much I know my question wasn that clear but its answered so the wd blue isnt as bad as people say its the next option after the black thanks people best answer will be selected
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