Using an old hard drive in a new computer?

I will soon be building a new computer, and wanted to know can I use my current 1 terabyte hard drive on a new computer?

Also if I get an SSD with 230GB, and install both the hard drive and new SSD into my computer, can I solely use the SSD for gaming purposes and can I store other misc items solely on my hard drive?

If I can install both the SSD and HDD into my computer, if I have to get a new windows OS, which should I install it to, if this computer is being built for gaming?
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    Yes Yes and Yes Most people here would probably recommend you do that. Install your os and any other apps you need to be fast on your ssd and install any data and important information on your hard drive. songs, pictures, and work on you hard drive os and games on your ssd.
  2. Yes, you can use your old hard drive to the new one and use your ssd for OS and games.

    I recommend reformatting the old Hard drive(without OS and just deleting the partitions) since it might cause instability when you install your new ssd.
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