browswers make my system unstable and crash

Win 7 home premium retail 64bit
Asus x79 deluxe
Intel Core i7-4930K
CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 16GB
ASUS EAH6450 Silent/DI/1GD3(LP) Radeon HD 6450
WD Caviar black 1 TB drive

When I open either Firefox or Explorer browsers my system becomes unstable the monitor shows wild out of control refresh rate and errors fizzing and blinking
Then the system crashed or I just shut it down

Any ideas? I suspect it's a driver for the video card, but I'm clueless.

I'll cross post this in Graphics too

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  1. Do you have latest BIOS, mobo Drivers, GPU driver, latest Win updates, also might want to check for Malware (MalwareBytes has a free version
  2. The Graphics utility had a buggy install reinstalling it did the trick
  3. Glad to hear ;)
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