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Hi all,

Lately, my PC has been having trouble picking up that my CPU fan is plugged in.

Everytime I start up, It opens to the American (I dont remember the rest) page, this is before windows starts up. It shows up and says "CPU fan not found" "Press F1 to setup." so I press F1 (It wont let me go straight to booting), and it opens bios, In bios, it says that the CPU cooler is there and running. I don't have to set up anything, I just hit F1, hit ESC and hit "Dont save changes", and the computer goes into normal booting procedures,

Is there something wrong hardware wise or software wise? If this makes no sense, I can try to elaborate more.
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    Turn off any fan warnings in bios if there are any.
  2. Hi,
    I turned off a low RPM warning for the fan (which I guess is what made it happen,) and it works again, Thanks so much!
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