Can I run three different keyboards for 3 different monitors?

I currently have 2 monitors. I might upgrade to three. Just wondering if I run three different monitors is there any way I can run three different keyboards for each individual monitor? I know this is a stupid idea, just wondering if it is possible by some 3rd party software of some sort.

Thanks :).
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  1. You might me able to, if u use a visual machine
    I remember there was a input setting somewhere
  2. Then run 1 windos per screen
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    What your trying to do is called "multi-seating", basically have multiple OS' running at the same time on the same machine.
    This is the only software I know that does it beyond creating a virtualized environment.
  4. Those are all good suggestions but not exactly what i'm looking for. I want to run the same os on all of them just like a typical multi monitor setup but for each individual monitor I want to run a different keyboard.
  5. So you could use your main keyboard for gaming, and then just jump onto a second keyboard/monito to reply to a skype conversation rather than tabbing out, or whatever? Interesting question, indeed. I'd love to hear if that is possible.
  6. Ya thats pretty much what I want to do.
  7. Cant think of anything like that unfortunately. The most I can think of would be too hard-code a set of input devices to a particular program, and hope that using them doesnt shift "focus" to that program and tab out of whatever your doing.
  8. I will try that when the time comes... Thanks for the suggestions :).
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