amd cleanup utility screwed up my mouse/keyboard

Sighhhh.... I went to update the drivers on my mothers PC. I havent messed with ATI/AMD drivers in a long time but it looked like they were the old fashioned way of having to uninstall the old drivers before you put new ones in. Unlike Nvidia which is all automatic and smooth these days. Anyway instead of just manually removing them like i should have i noticed an 'amd clean uninstall' utility on the driver page and figured id just use that. Big mistake. As soon as it was done my mouse and keyboard just stopped working. I had to do a hard reboot with the power button as i couldn't even restart. No response from either the mouse or keyboard anymore in any of the usb ports.

Im guessing it removed usb drivers or something along those lines, but i dont know. Any idea how the heck i can get my mouse/keyboard working again and try to see what the hell damage it did? Im not sure how to install fresh usb drivers if that is the issue without a working mouse or keyboard on a non fresh windows install
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  1. I would assume you removed the AMD USB drivers as you have surmised, as well. Just reinstall them. You should be able to move your mouse/kb to USB 2.0 ports (using generic drivers) until you re-install the AMD chipset/USB drivers.

    Good luck!
  2. hmm its an asrock z87extreme 6 motherboard. I think when i glanced i didn't notice any 2.0 ports i'll have to check in the daylight. Hopefully that would work.

    Couple things worth noting though. The mouse/keyboard DO work in the UEFI bios, they only stop working when windows goes to startup. Safe mode doesn't seem to help. Im actually concerned that i may have removed other stuff. Are there anby other AMD drivers it may have removed that would cause problems? Its an intel based system btw.

    I was considering a system restore to be safe but its been a while since ive done one, i dont know where my latest backup was. Nor do i know how to do it without working mouse/keyboard.
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    Your motherboard doesn't have any AMD USB or chipset drivers. Downloads for it can be found here:

    Reinstall your USB drivers and you should be okay. You can also try this method to get your system to see the devices.

    Shutdown the system. Disconnect the mouse and kb. Start the system (devices still disconnected).

    Log in to the system (tab to change fields). When Windows is fully started, reconnect the mouse and kb. Windows should see the "new" devices and reload their drivers.

    Good luck!
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