intel atom and gaming

hi i have a series of qns:

1)i have an intel atom processor and i need to play low graphic games(i know that atom is for word processing).my mother board has a PCI SLOT AND PCIE MINI CARD SLOT

2)now can i able to install a graphic card in the slot?

3)what is pci express mini card slot?what is its uses?

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  1. Can you tell me the model of the computer, basically tell me the model of the motherboard.
  2. yea of course
    model: d2500HN
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    I mean no dis-respect but the money you spent on this system is not worth it. Just sell it quickly and buy a totally new system. There aren't many graphic cards for PCI available in the market the cards, which were at the top of the list are out of stock and seriously you will not find a graphic card for that motherboard now.
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