GTA IV Lags on my Geforce GTS 450?

Hi Guys My PC Specs are :

Intel Core i3 Processor
2GB Ram
Intel DH55HC motherboard
Nvidia GTS 450 gpu 1GB

When I run GTA IV it lags alot in high graphics, and even when I lower the settings it still lags
I have updated all drivers.

The game is still the first version.

Btw I have played games like Crysis 3, Farcry 3 and BF 3 without any lag smoothly.

this is the first game that had issues. will the patch update fix it, or what is the problem

any response is appreciated
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  1. Patch it up, and hope it runs. GTA IV on PC was a butchered port. Good Luck!
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    +1 to nosupport4u. From what I remember, version/patch 1.4 is one of the better ones out there. Do keep in mind though that GTA IV wasn't really ported optimally, so it doesn't run that well even on high end setups. It's also very CPU and RAM hungry (in my case when I disabled my i7's OC and hyperthreading I lost around 30-40% of the FPS). So yeah, your processor and RAM might actually be the problem if updating doesn't cut it for you.
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