Should i buy this new 1080p monitor for gaming?

I am thinking of upgrading my monitor and gpu.
My monitor is Dell e1912h.
This 18.5 inch monitor only has a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768.
Isn't 720p too less for gaming? I was thinking about upgrading my monitor to 1080p since i will be upgrading my hd 6670 gpu soon.
I dont have much to spend, so i am thinking of getting this monitor.
It is dell s2240L, 21.5 inch, and 1920 x 1080 resolution.
Is this monitor good? If i buy this monitor, will i get much better gaming experience?
Is it worth the upgrade?

One more thing.
If i buy this, i will have 2 monitors, one in 720p and one in 1080p. Can the old monitor be of any use for me? I mean, my cousin comes every week, can i and him play 2 different games at a time(one in each monitor)?
Can we play any games together me in one screen and him in the other(same game)
I do have an extra mouse with me?
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    That Dell monitor is really nice. 1080p is great for gaming but don't expect much with a 6670. However, 1080p movies will look better on this monitor. I'd say buy it.

    You can plug 2 monitors into your GPU but only game on one. Using 2 monitors for 1 game isn't do able.
  2. 1080p and lagrer screen will definitely be better. But even with the 21.5" dell you will have to stick to 720p gaming until you update the video card.
    You can not play two games in the same time from one computer, how will you control with a single keyboard and single mouse?
    Some games can support multiple monitor gaming but 3 monitors are better in that case.
    If you and to play with your cousin - make a full upgrade, get a new computer and he can play on your older computer with the 19" dell.
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