mount the motherboard Dell optiplex GX620 in a GX280

Hello everyone. Can I mount the motherboard Dell optiplex GX620 in a gx280? . Measures and attachment points coincide and the power supply is the same. Could there be some incompatibility? Maybe with the front panel usb and audio ports?
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  1. This is one of those instances where the use of proprietary motherboards (the GX620 uses a non-standard layout) isn't good. The problem here is that the GX620 has it's PCI slots to the left of the I/O shield while the GX280 has it's PCI slots to the right (normal). It would also mean the standoff positions would not be in the correct place for mounting on the motherboard tray
    No, you cannot easily do what you're wanting to do. In fact without some serious modding I don't think it can be done at all
  2. Thanks for your reply C12Friedman In this photo ( ) is the motherboard I want to ride my Dell optiplex GX280 desktop and I can see that all plate elements are in the same place except bios battery.Me referring to an incompatibility in the faceplate which are diagnostic LEDs, the power button, the two front usb and audio and microphone jacks.
  3. Compare these two pics here, you should see what I mean by the PCI being on the other side of the I/O area
    Optiplex GX620
    OptiPlex GX280
    The cables are the least of your issues here
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    Okay, that's just weird since everything I found showed differently. Those two boards have the same layout so ignore what I had said earlier (I'm still somewhat dumbfounded here).
    Here are direct links to the user manuals for both systems (there's 4 or 5 subsystems depending upon form factor of the machines)
    between the two, you should be able to figure the front panel connections (which I believe will be the same)
  5. Thanks c12Friedman, viewing the manual is even possible to mount the motherboard in a Dell optiplex 320. I will comment on the result.
  6. I finally received a Dell optiplex 210L motherboard and is compatible with gx280 and gx620 , I've installed and works ok
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