Should I Buy A PS4 or Biul A Good Gaming PC

I want to play all types of games like god of war uncharted killzone infamous God Hand Without any Lag I dont Have any Budget problem i have to play all the games

What Do You Guys Suggest ME

Thank You.....
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  1. Depends on if Sony exclusives are important to you. But then, there's also a few PC exclusives as well.

    If you think you can live without Sony exclusive games, then yeah. It's definitely worth building your own gaming rig.
  2. I think looking past the game exclusivities, a PC its just made to outlast any console.
    You can buy a PS4, at the moment it's power can be paired with a well built computer. But in the end, the console will just become obsolete (event if it lasts 10 years). Whereas a computer can always be upgraded. I've been using the same computer for about 3 years now and it has gone throught some serious modifications. (Money-wise, I've spent as much money as buying a console)

    Also, Steam Summer Sale :D
  3. Most anyone on this site will tell you built a gaming PC over a console. However, if it is a PlayStation exclusive title, you will need a console. Most PC gamers also have one console or another. I know I love the PS3 exclusives, so that is what I have. I'll pick up a PS4 once game prices go down and there are a bunch out that already that I can pick up cheap. No rush on it for me as I still have PS3 titles to play though.

    You have to know what games you want to play most. A PC can be upgraded through the years, which can get expensive, but you get great hardware that will surpass any console. A console will last you about 10 years and ultimately is cheaper on hardware.
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    Comes down to personal preference an your wallet. There are several things to consider here....

    - Exclusives for either PC or PS4
    - Your budget
    - How much time you spend playing video games
    - How much free time you have to be able to build your own computer (doesn't take long but first time it might)
    - Do you often have friends or family that enjoy playing with your or on the system
    - Do you have a nice TV already that would take full advantage of a PS4 cause you will need a decent monitor to enjoy PC gaming in the same light as PS4
    - How much space do you have for a computer desk
    - Do you often get frustrated easily when trying to do something yourself over an over until you figure it out (PC may run you into that here an there)
    - Do you care about graphics a lot or do you have a balance feeling between graphics an gameplay (PC will offer better graphics)

    The list could go on but those are some things I could think of.
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