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I am trying to connect my desktop to a mobile hotspot. Have a USB adapter and was accessing neighbors WIFI with permission. They moved. My question is, can I go purchase a mobile hotspot like T Mobile and then connect my desktop to that? Desktop runs on Windows 7 and the adapter is Linksys AE2500.
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    yes you could, it would be wifi
    so it would work with your adapter.
    btw, whats your build, or is it an OEM?
  2. For some reason I can only see part of your response. Whats or is it an OEM is all I see. Sorry!!!
  3. better?
  4. Guess that's all there was. Looked cut off. Hewlett Packard. Is that what you are asking. Not that up on computer lingo.
  5. Yes ,you should purchase a sonic 2.0 M that will help connect your desktop(window 7) to mobile hotspot.For more information ,you can visit
  6. Thanks for the link PeterSwanson1. It also talks about tethering your PC. Is that better or is that for someone who doesnt have the USB adapter?
  7. um, I dont think you need that. It's outputting wifi, why does he need another adapter? Also, I believe tethering is when your device can output wifi
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