PC randomly shuts down, restarts with no display

So I have had this rig for the last couple years with no gaming issues, but recently has been stopping mid game play (Diablo 3), and restarting with no display.

PSU - Thermaltake TR2 600w
CPU - Intel i5 3570K
MBO - Asus P8Z77-V
GPU - EVGA GTX 560 x2
RAM - 4.0 GB" class="img lazy">

is the CPUID HWmonitor SS
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  1. Could you provide more details? Did the problem start after you install a new program? When does it happen? Are you sure it restart your computer (OS and MB)? Or just your game and OS?

    Check what programns are running during the game (whenever you know it is about to restart) ando update your drivers and OS.
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    I'm sorry but that's not a proper PSU to power two graphic cards. It has low amps on 12V rails and you forced it to power those graphic cards. You should try a better PSU first of all and i recommend those SLI ready PSUs, such as Corsair HX and AX series for example.
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