How do I change my voltages on my ram with a asus z87 pro? Ram gets hot, and annoys me.

How do I change my voltages on my ram with a asus z87 pro?

I bought this ram like five months ago, and just noticed that the voltage is 1.65, and it's only 1600mhz.

I saw this review on newegg, and I would like to do this config on my ram as well. Is 8-8-8-24 faster than 9-9-9-28?

Pros: Works as advertised. I have an Asus Maximus Hero board which automatically set the voltage at 1.5v and the timing at 9-9-9-28. I have it at 1.65v and 8-8-8-24 now.
Cons: As the others have said, this memory gets hot especially when you try to overclock it. I bought this memory with the hope of o.c.'ing it but it looks like i'll just be staying at 1600mhz.

Other Thoughts: Overall good memory. It'd be nice if Kingston included the preferred timings.
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    Get into your BIOS by pressing the F2 key as soon as you see the Asus logo. If your BIOS starts up in EZ Mode, press the F7 key. Click on the AI Tweaker tab. Adjust as you see fit.
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