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I just need a good quality speakers for gaming, music & movies...i'd reviewed some speakers: Logitech z506,z623 & F&D f6000 , f6000u. I don't have any sound card currently but use on board sound which is Realtek HD audio Manger..My current speaker is Creative Inspire M4500 4.1, it's a 3 years old speaker. I'm pretty much serious about sounds specially with enrich Bass.
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  1. I don't need sound card to run a 5.1 speaker, the given link review mentioned it ran pretty well with sound blaster ZxR. As i heard some negative issue about logitech z506 & z623 but the z623 sound production is well. Can this speaker produce better sound production than them?...If you have still option i can increase my budget bit more to $30 .
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