Faulty Sandy Bridge motherboard finally died?

My desktop had the faulty sandy bridge mobo and I think today the connection to the hard drive died.
Randomly my computer crashed and after about a minute turned off. My next 2 attempts to boot lead to a screen which had a message along the lines of "cannot read hard drive". I then managed to boot to windows but crashed straight away and turned off again. I then managed to boot into safe mode and backed up all my pictures/personal files. Tried to boot normally and it wouldn't work anymore.

What are my options and how can I be sure that its actually the mobo connection causing the problem?
Is it better to buy a SATA 3 hard drive or a new motherboard?

Thank you for any help
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  1. Do you have another HDD or SSD?
  2. I would buy a SSD for the OS & programs. The HDD may just need to be reformatted.
  3. you should check your storage drive . . if you have any other so check with it ...
  4. I only have an olde IDE hardrive and an external hardrive so I don't think I can check at the moment.

    If I bought an SDD I still wouldn't be able to use the HDD if the mobo connection to SATA 2 has been corrupted?

    If I were to replace the mobo, how would I go about formating the hardrive?
  5. if any one of your friend has an ssd or HDD spare . so get it and check on it . .
  6. At this point you don't know if the motherboard port is corrupted. It is my gues that the problem is the hard drive itself.

    Have you tried reformatting the drive in safe mode?
  7. I have just read that you can plug SATA 2 hard drives into SATA 3 slots, If what was said at the time is true ( That only SATA 2 ports are affected by the fault) Then couldn't I just plug the hardrive into a SATA 3 slot and if the problem continues, then its the hard drive, if the problem is solved, then it is the faulty connection in the SATA 2 slots?
  8. you can plug sata 2 HDD into sata 3 port . ports are backward compatible
  9. Which mobo that was?
  10. My motherboard is Asus P8P67 before fix. Is my logic correct though that if I plug my hard drive into a SATA 3 port and there is no problems, then I can just continue doing that? I only really use 2 ports anyway so don't need the extra ports. If there is still a problem, then I can try reformatting the hard drive and see if that helps?
  11. Try SATA 3GB/s Ports.
  12. officialexpert said:
    Try SATA 3GB/s Ports.

    Isn't SATA 3GB/s = SATA 2? I'm currently using that and I though those ports were the ones that had the potential fault?
  13. Light Blue ports are 3GB/s & Dark blue ports are 6GB/s
  14. I plugged my hard drive into a SATA 3 slot and so far everything seems to be working, will update if it crashes.
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