ASUS Sabertooth X79 vs Asus Rampage IV Black Edition

Having a build done at the moment, and the company are putting in a ASUS Sabertooth X79, which looked fine in stats, but wasnt aware was from 3year ago.

They have said that any RAM over 1866 is unstable at this point, so would be pointless,
but i argued wouldnt it be better to have a compatible Mobo for the future if the RAM gets better, and can stably support 2133-2400 etc in future.

THey said the ASUS Sabertooth X79 can support higher, but needs configuration, if i wanted to later on.

But seen talk about X99 soon, so it might be pointless.
I have also looked at reviews for the
Asus Rampage IV Black Edition, which seems that best at the moment, and has a wealth of features.

Trying to work out if the 100pound more is worth it though, and what real would applications i will get between them?

Only thing ive noticed is being able to monitor temps with another dial?
Not possible with the sabertooth?

Any help would be great. Even though im totaly behind on the recent changes, would like to get a better knowledge of what is possible. I want the smoothest possible experience, but if i can monitor things easier, then gives the opportunity to decide when things need fixing/configuring/optimizing.
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    The Black is a great mobo, Asus also has another new X79, the Deluxe, great mobo also....As far as the Sabertooth, they are looking at the specs and either don't know better or are feeding you a line, the Sabertooth has support for 2133 (and I believe they upped the XMP support to 2400, though I'd stick to 2133 on that mobo. I'd take a look at the Deluxe, it's a sweet mobo, better w/ OCing and DRAM

    PS also about $30 cheaper ;)
  2. Thanks
    The delux and black both have 8Dimm, so could i get 4x4gb=16gb
    and then get another 4 to make 32gb?

    Specs on the Black talk about the sound quality.
    But saw article mentioning it isnt that great.

    I will be recording sound for utube and game production,
    so was thinking about the Creative Sound Blaster Z.
    Still worth it, or the Black will take care of everything at the same quality??

    Also the Oc panel device comes with the Black.
    Could i get something similar for the delux?
  3. The Deluxe uses the 1150 for sound and the Black a tweaked version of the 1150, both are good, not quite to the SB quality but might well suffice for you (I'd try either before buying a sound card, I've got the same as the Black in my Hero and it's very good......I'm not a fan of the OC panel thing (just me, I don't like those softeware OC packages either, a person can do much better with a little playtime in the BIOS. Could go 4x4 and try adding later, but if possible would get all 32GB from the getgo in a 4x8GB set, and, just a thought, the savings between the Black and the Deluxe would probably cover the increase in DRAM, might even be a few bucks left to put to a sound card if you find you need one... ;)
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