If HDD is detected then Dvd-rom is not and vice versa!!!!

So i bought a Western Digital WD800JD. I connected it even though it was showing up but the windows needed to format it. I set it on format and then after nearly one hour I was fed up cause the line was not moving at all. So i restarted my computer went into the BIOS and change the SATA operation from RAID autodetect/ AHCI to Legacy. When I opened the computer the windows installed the driver for my both Western Digital WD800AJAS and WD800JD, but to my suprise the DVD rom was now gone. So i switched back to RAID autodetect/AHCI and the DVD -rom appeared but the HDD(only JD one) disappeared. So guys please help me is there any way i can get both of them to work on same selection. By the i am using Windows 7 Ultimate.
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  1. Keep it to AHCI and try inserting the dvd-rom to another sata port.
    Hope it helps.
  2. No HDD is not detected on AHCI. I have kept the HDD on Legacy drivers. But the dvd rom is not detected on Legacy.
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