(2) Asus 650 Ti, (3) 2560 x 1440 displays, on an old Dell XPS 630i

In an effort to upgrade an older system, a 2008 Dell XPS 630i, I have got 3 new monitors and decided to upgrade the graphics cards also. I bought 2 Asus GTX 650 Ti's, but the video playback is still bad. Will going to 760's on this old system correct this? I put an SSD in this a week ago and that did breathe new life into this system, but how far am I pushing the cost to payback ratio with new video cards that may, or may not be able to utilize the limitations of this old dog???
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  1. The issue now is the CPU no longer the GPU.
  2. I was afraid of that.
  3. Should I just pull out the (2) Asus GTX 650's and put the old (2) 9800 GT's with the SLI bridge back in?
  4. It is up to you but really your resolution is little big for both.
  5. Is there any graphics solution you can think of with this older CPU? If I go to a couple of, say, 760's with SLI, will that make up for the Q6600 shortfall??
  6. In some instances it will especially if OC but really GTX650TI does not support SLI so that really may be your issue unless you have the 650Ti Boost.
  7. No they are just 650 ti, which can easily be sent back to Amazon. I actually thought they would have an SLI option.....Not to put you on the spot, but rather than spending about 3-4k with Origin PC, whom are on the other monitor right now, do you think a simple upgrade of graphics cards, to even 760's with SLI will take care of my issue?
  8. If your CPU is overclocked yes but a single GTX760 would probably do it.
  9. OK, but can I run 3 monitors @ 2560 x 1440 off of one card? And I think the CPU is limited @ 2.4 ghz....I think I tried to overclock it back a few years ago, but I think Dell has a way of not allowing the BIOS to do that? I may be wrong. Thank you for your help so far...
  10. Yes the card can run 3 monitors, but neither it or the CPU will game on three. Yep Dell locked BIOS would explain it.
  11. Thank you, you have been very helpful. One last question. If I go to the 760's with SLI, will that improved my video playback from the current 650 ti's? And if it was you, would you just pack'em up and put the money into a new system. I know, that's two question, but I really thank you for your time and expertise. I can build houses, not computers :)
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    I personally would go new system, I would be tempted to try a single GTX760 and if that does not work spend the price of the other one on new CPU/Mobo/ram
  13. Actually this system is awesome. I just bought one well the board and built it custom. I would honestly get Unbuffered ECC ram to ensure stability and just get an X5470 3.33Ghz 12MB Cache Quad-Core as it'll pump tons of juice into your SLI cards. Or pickup a pristine new ddr2-1066 8gb kit so you can let the X5470 Talk to 4Ghz.

    Cut the tabs in the lga775 socket with an exacto knife, buy the lga771 to 775 stick and pop it in it posts right away.
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