Laptop to TV via HDMI will not give me fullscreen

When I plug my laptop into my tv my laptop screen shrinks to have bars on the side and the same image projects to tv. If I disconnect the cord, laptop screen goes back to normal. My tv is only 72p/1080i, but my old laptop used to do this just fine.
I am running windows 8 with intel HD graphics. Shared memory. My brothers laptop works just fine for this as well. Both his and my old one were Windows 7. Is there a way to fix this?
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  1. This is something that is integrated into your TV or Laptop.

    Here are some steps you can take:

    1: Check resolution on laptop and if it is the same as your TV.

    2: On your TV remote, look for a button that can change the format of your tv to widscreen, 16:9, etc. Look for Fill or Fullscreen or something along the lines.

    3: Download software of drivers that allow you to change your desktop size.

    Good luck!
  2. FIX:
    Toshiba laptop + TV LG LF561V

    1. On laptop display settings go to: Graphics Options ->> Output to ->> Select Digital Television
    2. TV Aspect Ratio options ->> Select Just Scan

    That's all, worked for me.
  3. what resolution is your laptop running? I also am going with your using the Clone option and not the extend option. and the post above ive read seem to think that your tv is having the boarders not the laptop. I'm assuming the laptop has the boarders.

    I think your laptop is running a different aspect ratio then a standerd tv. so your laptop is adjusting its screen aspect and resolution of 1080 to match the tv.

    changing the tv settings will not fix it. you have to adjust your laptop settings.

    in your display settings on your laptop you will need to find the settings that says "scaling mode" or such and change it to full panel. this should cause your laptop to make the image fit the whole screen even when it drops down to the tv resolution.
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